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Payment methods

Via a bank link

Customers of SEB, Swedbank and Luminor, Revolut, Citadele bank can pay via bank link in the Kodutehnika e-shop. Select the desired bank, and by confirming the order, you can automatically enter your internet bank, where you can see the already completed payment order. Confirm the payment order and go back to the merchant.

Inbank hire purchase

Inbank hire purchase is a flexible payment solution which gives you the ability to pay for the services in instalments. Inbank hire purchase allows you to split a large one-time expense into small monthly payments. Spread the purchase sum over up to 4 years. The first payment is due only a month later.


  • Flexible solution for large expenses
  • You choose the instalment amount
  • You choose the instalment payment period
  • You choose the payment date
  • Response to an application within a minute

Financing terms:

  • Financing amount 100 – 10 000 €
  • Period 3 – 48 months
  • Interest rate 9.99%
  • Down payment 0 €
  • Contract fee 15 €
  • Administration fee 0.90 € per month

Applying for a hire purchase is easy

The interest rate of the Inbank hire purchase is 34,81% per year under the following example conditions: purchase amount 300 €, contract period 12 months, interest rate 9.99% from the purchase amount, down payment 0 €, administration fee 0.90 € per month, contract fee 15.00 €, monthly installment 29,84 €, total credit cost 358.02 €. The financial service is provided by AS Inbank Finance. Before signing the contract, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the financial service, consult with a specialist